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Vice-President of the European Parliament“Miss Evelyn Regner” invited PCFA delegation and other Communities representatives:

Vice-President of the European Parliament“Miss Evelyn Regner” invited PCFA delegation and other Communities representatives:

Report: Muhammad Amir Siddique Journalist Vienna Austria.

Vienna-A joint session with Vice-President of the European Parliament “Miss Evelyn Regner” especially invited the Pakistani Community Forum Austria (PCFA) and other Communities representatives. The session took place at the Wiener Bildungsakademie, Praterstrasse 25A. 1020-Vienna on 16 May 2024. Miss Evelyn Regner is an Austrian lawyer and politician who has been serving as a Member of the European Parliament from Austria since 2009. She is a member of the SPÖ Social Democratic Party of Austria, part of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats and elected Vice-President of the European Parliament. The aim of the session was to foster collaboration and exchange ideas on topics related to discussing ongoing difficulties/problems in our society as a foreigner. Among the agenda points has been Massively & openly discussed “Miss Evelyn Regner” answered and explained in the best way.

1)Where stands The New Asylum & Immigration policy.
Everyday difficulties With the asylum law finally sealed, the EU wants to control and limit immigration. What rules apply now? And does this resolve the years-long dispute between the states?
What will change? The legal acts adopted are intended to speed up asylum procedures and make deportations easier. In future, arrivals at the EU’s external borders will be registered with fingerprints and photos. If they come from a country with a recognition rate of less than 20 percent, they will have to go through a fast-track procedure. This also applies to people who are considered a threat to public safety. Both groups must wait up to twelve weeks in detention-like conditions in reception camps until a decision is made on their asylum application. In order to relieve the pressure on countries on the EU’s external borders such as Italy or Greece, a solidarity mechanism will be set up. According to this, at least 30,000 migrants are to be distributed to other member states every year. Governments that refuse will have to pay. Rejected asylum seekers should be quickly deported to their countries of origin or to third countries classified as safe by the EU.

2) What would be the solution/opportunity for the New Comers (Skill-workers) sustaining Title as Doctors, engineers & Entrepreneurs.

3) Protection of small investors.
Investor protection is consumer protection. The aim is to enable retail investors to make investment decisions that meet their needs and preferences and to ensure that they are treated fairly and adequately protected.

4) Combating violence against women and domestic violence.
In 2024, one in three women in the EU will still have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lives. We want to change that by placing a strong focus on violence prevention while demanding more comprehensive protection for children who witness violence.

5) Supply Chain Law.
The Supply Chain Law is one of the most important climate, economic and social policy dossiers of this legislative period. I am proud to say that our pressure has worked, the EU Supply Chain Law is coming! We are finally holding large companies accountable for protecting workers and the environment along the entire supply chain.

Miss Evelyn Regner said in this legislative period of the European Parliament, we have made a lot of progress for us women.

1️⃣) EU law on wage transparency
2️⃣) EU law on more women on supervisory boards
3️⃣) EU package for protection from violence

But it really has to get through to women, we know that this will take some time because the laws are still in the implementation phase and will only apply in Austria in the coming years. But I am proud that we have made so much progress. And that is only possible because we have incredibly great, committed fighters in social democracy.

In the end, Miss Evelyn Regner thanked everyone for attending the event and plans to work with the entire community in the future.